Six People Dead in Train Colllision in Upstate New York

Six people have been pronounced dead after a Metro North Railroad commuter train coming from grand central terminal in New York City collided with a Jeep in the town of Valhalla in upstate New York. In addition to the six people the died, 15 people were wounded and are being treated for injuries ranging from burns, to lost limbs. The driver of the jeep that was involved in the fatal train crash has been identified by authorities as Ellen Brody, a 49 year old woman who worked at a jewelry store.

Eye witnesses who saw the horrific train crash unfold say that Mrs. Brody behaved very strangely when the crash occurred. Witnesses say that the woman got out of her car when security gates come down on her vehicle. Zeca Oliveira has heard that she then got back into the car and drove onto the train tracks into the path of the incoming commuter train. There were hundreds of people on board the train when the crash occurred. Many of the people rushed to flee the thick smoke and flames that had ignited inside the train.

A survivor of the train crash, said that a man who’s hands were burned in the fire managed to open an emergency exit, which allowed hundreds of people to escape from the blaze burning inside the train. The other five victims in the train crash have not been identified as of yet by authorities because their bodies have been badly charred.

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