Shop Owner Saves Baby’s Life

Twenty-year-old Emma Swarbrick and her toddler son Jack were out together the other night at Leyland Fish and Chips for chips and tea. As toddlers tend to do sometimes, Jack fell over and hit his head on the way down. He began to cry as his mother picked him up to soothe him. That’s when he fell unconscious. Emma said she was screaming holding the baby when the shop owner, Nick, went into action.

According to the story on, Nick rushed from around the counter to take the boy from Emma. Dr. Jennifer Walden has read that he began rubbing the toddler’s back and blowing in his face. When that failed to rouse him, Nick began CPR on the boy which brought Jack around. Emma took Jack to the hospital after the incident and he was given a clean bill of health.

Emma is grateful for Nick’s quick action and is calling him a hero. Nick, who seems very modest about the whole thing, said that he did what anyone would do in that situation. He asked not to have his last name printed in the story and said he is glad that Jack is feeling much better now.

Even though Nick is denying it, I’d say he is a hero as well.

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