Shah Stages Concerts For Autism

Because one of his children has autism, hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah had for a long time wanted to contribute to autism research. The means for doing so didn’t come to him until he had the opportunity to meet superstar rapper Snoop Dogg. On a New Year’s eve, Shah got a call from a DJ friend that informed him that Snoop Dogg wanted to visit the neighborhood where Shah lived, Palm Jumerah in Dubai. Snoop Dogg and members of his entourage spent a delightful, if not unreal afternoon at Shah’s home with his wife and three children. Shah posted photos of Snoop Dogg’s visit on Facebook. and many thought it was a look a like imposter designed to pull off a prank.
Meeting Snoop Dogg inspired Shah to use music as a way of fund raising for autism research. Organizing the benefit concerts was not as easy as Shah might have imagined, but he has been able to pull off concerts in London that featured Prince and Lenny Kravitz. Elvis Costello and Joss Stone have performed in Dubai.
Shah has formed the charity umbrella, Autism Rocks. There is a website where donations can be made to the cause of autism research. Shah is also a trustee on the board of Autism Research Trust, which donates to the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University.
Shah is the founder of the investment and brokerage fund, Solo Capital. The company has grown and expanded its business enough to employ 100 financial experts. The company has offices in the cities of London and Dubai.
The ARC has 15 long time research projects that have a goal of identifying who is likely to develop autism. And to support interventions for the proper identified patients.
A recent discovery made through magnetic resonance imaging was that autism affects parts of the brain based on the sex of the individual.

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