Securus Gives Families Visiting Jails Options With Video Visitation

Just think about how difficult it is to visit a prisoner inside of a prison. You have to call the prison in order to get the right visitation day. You have to drive hours across the state in order to get to the prison facility. You have to wait in line and subject yourself to an invasive security screening. Then you have to sit inside of a waiting room in order to be called. Finally, you come face-to-face with your inmate in an intimidating, cold, hard, sterile environment.


Then there is the option of video visitation. This service is provided by Securus Technologies. There is no need to call the prison at all. All you need to do is log into your account on the Securus website. The website has an algorithm that takes care of scheduling a visit. You just request a video visitation time and wait for approval.


Then comes the big day. You do not have to drive hours across the state, subject yourself to security, or sit around in a waiting room. All you do is log into your account at the right time. And the video visitation can take place on any mobile device. That means you can take your inmate anywhere that you go. You do not have to sit there in a cold, hard, sterile prison.


You are likely going to see advertisements lauding the advantages of video visitation. Securus really wants the general public to know that they make over 160,000 video visits per month. The average cost of a video visit is only $2.72, saving the average family $100 per visit over physical visitation. Securus currently services 178 prison facilities across the country. I hope they begin to service more prison facilities because this technology helps bring families together in a time of crisis.


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