Seawright Works with Baltimore to Increase Homeownership

Kevin Seawright, founder of RPS Solutions, has partnered with the city of Baltimore to help the citizens get their first home. RPS Solutions is a Baltimore based firm that oversees the economic development and government work in financially struggling neighborhoods. The company was founded in 2015 with the hopes of helping first time homebuyers in Baltimore. Kevin Seawright wants to make home buying easier for the residents of Baltimore.

RPS Solutions is working together with the City of Baltimore and the Housing and Development to renovate houses for first time homebuyers. Seawright and Baltimore understand that homeownership leads to a stabilized community. Many of these first time buyers were not able to qualify for homeownership in the past.

The current homeownership rate is only 48.3% and they want to grow that number. A longtime friend of Seawright was not able to afford a house due to budget. With the new program, they have moved into their new home. Seeing the success stories have made the project worthwhile.

A Crunchbase article said that Kevin Seawright has been working for 13 years to grow communities along the East Coast. After his success in Baltimore, he joined Newark Economic Development Corporation as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial. He uses his business and administrative expertise to grow the communities in which he works.

Kevin Seawright has worked in the private sector and for local governments, understanding the process for both. He brings his passion for economic growth to the communities and he seeks new opportunities to grow the communities.

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