Sanjay Shah’s Heroic Fight Against Autism.

Autism is a development disorder that is related to the neural functioning of the brain. This disorder normally affects children under the age of 3 and hinder their psychological development. Most children suffering from autism have difficulties in communication, eating and interpersonal relationships. The British Dubai-based millionaire businessman Sanjay Shah founded a charity organization called Autism Rocks to help address the problems associated with autism and fight it. Autism Rocks was formed in 2011 by Sanjay Shah and his wife Usha Shah to help families and children affected by Autism access medical care and therapy.

Sanjay Shah has always been a philanthropist even before he formed Autism. He used to give out donations to charities in India for over 10 years. His turning point and the main reason why he formed Autism Rocks came when the doctors discovered that his second son Nikhil was suffering from autism. When he and his wife took their son to Dubai Autism Center for therapy, he discovered how families having children with autism were suffering.

The resources at this centre could not support the needs of every child that needed its services. Some of the children, including Nikhil, were booked after five years. Luckily, for Nikhil, his parents could afford private therapy. Sanjay was concern about other children whose parents could not afford private therapy. That is why he decided to start Autism Rocks charity to help this children.

Sunjay Shah is a family man and a successful business person. He is the founder, president and chief executive officer of Solo Capital. Solo Capital is a hedge fund firm that majors in broker business. Sunjay Shah is a British national whose Indian parents moved to Britain from Kenya. Sanjay grew up in a well-off neighborhood and went to Kings College as a medical student where he later quit to join accounting.

He worked as an accountant for some, and this is where his entrepreneurial spirit started mushrooming. He left his accounting job to start Solo Capital. It began humbly in a small office and with a few employees and slowly grew to a worth of over $ 280 million at the moment. He now spends more of his time doing charity work.

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