Sanjay Shah Has Done A Lot To Help Those Affected By Autism

Sanjay Shah has become extremely widely known for his career within the financial sector. Through this career, he started a very successful investment business, called Solo Capital. This enterprise was quite profitable for him, and he made a sizable sum of money that allowed him to finish his career much younger than most. Additionally, his company helped numerous people to invest wisely, and he produced very good returns on the investments for his clients. He utilized a wide array of different investment strategies to facilitate financial growth.

However, Sanjay Shah Denmark is widely known for the work he has done to assist those suffering from autism. He is the founder of Autism Rocks, which creates concerts that raise money to assist those suffering from autism. The organization helps to raise money for both awareness of the condition and research. Furthermore, the events that are held by the organization are often quite well attended, and they provide entertainment to a large number of people. Also, they often have very successful and popular musicians playing at their events. Recently, Autism Rocks held an event in Dubai, which is where Sanjay Shah lives currently. Additionally, there has been a significant amount of money raised by the organization. In fact, the total amount that has been raised by Autism Rocks is more than half a million euros.

Autism awareness month is every April, and this April Autism Rocks had a major event early in the month. This event had music from the two rappers FloRida and Tyga. There were many fun things to do there for the kids, such as a bouncy house and other fun activities. There was laser tag, face painting, inflatable rides, and crazy golf, amongst other activities. There also was food available at the event at a barbeque. Additionally, it was quite affordable to get in. In fact, the fee for it was merely dh50 per person. This is about equivalent to 15 US dollars per person. In addition to Autism Rocks, the event was also partially held by another organization, called 117 Live. This is part of Al Ahli Holding.


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