Sanjay Shah Enterprise Radio Interview: Top Tips For Entrepreneurs On the Rise

Eric Dye, a prominent podcaster and the voice of Enterprise Radio interviewed Solo Capital and Autism Rocks founder Sanjay Shah. Enterprise Radio discussions focus on the latest entrepreneurial trends. Dye discussed several facets of entrepreneurship with Shah during the session. This included coaching advice for business aspirants, how he founded Solo Capital and Autism Rocks. What’s more, Shah provided a brief commentary about Autism Rocks upcoming charity concert. Guest appearances include Tyga, Flo Rida, and other acts.

The organization raises funding to sponsor autism research. The charity fundraising effort supports comprehensive studies to spread awareness about the neurological disorder. Shah became passionate about helping society and families learn about autism after doctors diagnosed Nikhil, his youngest son. In 2014, he launched the organization, Autism Rocks and teamed up with some prominent programs.

Before he launched Autism Rocks, Shah injected himself into Solo Capital operations. The financial services boutique brokerage operates out of London. It’s a subsidiary of Shah’s Solo Group Holdings controlled by Aesa S.a.r.l, which he also owns. A generous portion of Shah’s fortune comes from Solo Capital revenue. He’s the co-founder of a healthy parcel of companies that operate within the financial market. While he’s a talent for business, Shah schooled at King’s College where he studied medicine. When he relocated to the city, he pursued accounting. His resume highlights a cooperation with A-class investment bankers such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, etc. When financial markets collapsed in 2009, he founded Solo Capital.

The charity Autism Rocks host festive concerts that present some of the music industry’s best acts. This includes the likes of Michael Buble, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz and more. The late Prince, an iconic talent was also among the roster of musicians performing at Autism Rocks. Now that he’s retired, Shah has committed his time to philanthropy and his family. He’s sponsored international charities, including those in India that help young children. Shah secured a contract with reputable Dubai-based entertainment agency, Done Events. The government -backed promoter has earned a reputation for organizing the biggest music festivals throughout the region. The first cooperation dubbed “Blended” aimed at fans age 40-plus. The two-night jazz-inspired music festival presented acts like Elvis Costello and British sensation Joss Stone.


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