Sam Tabar Offers Mentoring In Business, Finance, and Law


After Sam Tabar graduated from Oxford, he went on to obtain his law degree from Columbia Law School, where he also shined as one of the top editors of the Columbia Business Law Review, which Lawyerist peers note. His clients earn very healthy returns on investments by carefully following, not only his advice, but his teaching them skills so they can always make such smart investments.


Sam Tabar has dedicated his charitable exploits to bringing healing to women of both Africa and the United States. His experience as a top-earning hedge fund manager was accentuated by his practice of law. He also teaches his clients exactly how to do personal and professional networking most-effectively.


Sam Tabar trains his clients from his expert knowledge in finance, business administration, and the legal arena. He mentors his clients in the areas they are lacking, to create the same skills he has, especially in investing. His specialty for all clients is to teach them ways to build capital. He instructs them in ways to do full due diligence in their research of companies as potential investments, before diving in. Only by a careful and fully engaged analysis of every area a company, and the sectors they do business in, can investors keep making consistently positive returns.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch was where Sam Tabar did his first early work as an executive. He was a Director for the Asia-Pacific region at Capital Strategy Group. And, before that he was a lead Senior Associate at the law firm of Schulte Roth and Zabel. He served as Head of Business Development at PMA Investment Advisors, which became the SPARX Group. He actually earned his legal chops working for Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom for a decade.  Check out Sam’s breakdown of millennials and finance on HuffPost.

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