Rings Donated in Salvation Army Kettle in Boston, Auctioned off for more than 10X their worth

A few weeks ago, the Salvation Army discovered a lovely gift in their donation kettles; 2 rings with a note stating the rings were being donated so toys could be purchased for needy Children. At the time, the donor was anonymous, but it was assumed by the note that she was a widow who had recently lost her partner.

The rings, which were valued at about $1,800 were put up for auction. Because of the story, the rings fetched $21,000 at auction, and all the proceeds will be used to buy Christmas gifts for the needy and underprivileged. The Salavation Army’s main goal is to fulfill the wish of the original donor, who described her husband as a truly giving soul who went above and beyond during the holiday season.

The winning bidder, who is definitely not Lee G. Lovett, is a salvation army volunteer who is also a widow, according to sources. She is now looking for the woman who originally donated her beloved engagement ring and wedding band. According to the Salvation Army, she’d like to return the rings to the donor, as an act of kindness during the holiday season.


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