Rich Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies Outlines, Plans to Acquire JPay Inc.

Secures Technologies company is one of the leading firms that research civil and criminal justice solutions in the world. These research programs are aimed at facilitating investigation processes for possible corrections in the maintenance of public safety. The CEO, Mr. Rick Smith notes that most of the offenders gladly return to prison after one month of release. The situation makes it harder for the County and State jails to contain the ever-increasing number of inmates in their cells. Whereas significant steps are being taken by almost all the stakeholders in the area, Securus Technologies has chosen to invest in various facilities that help achieve long-term solutions. The firm has recently appointed a new director in charge of Reentry and Recidivism to help the society accept the inmates who have changed their ways back to the society. The organization also seeks to empower those in jail by quipping them with necessary skills that will enable them to live a decent life once they are let free. Once the society is ready to accept them back, the recidivism levels will go down.

In the past few years, Securus Technologies has made massive investments in the industry. They have invested over $20 million in facilitating in the purchase of smart devices. These devices are responsible for bringing education and information to the various persons serving their sentences. The firm has gone into partnership with various enterprises, such include the Job View Company, with this firm, the inmates can easily access the various employment opportunities in the outside world.With the continued investment in technology, the company can virtually offer anything regarding software and devices that any jail facility would want to buy. For the first time, the firm has been mesmerized by the innovations reported by the JPay Inc.

To achieve desired and concrete results, Securus Technologies feel the need to take a different approach in seeking for the best solutions. Such method includes partnering with various stakeholders in the correctional facilities sector. By so doing, the company can create the synergy that enables them to forge the way forward by making well-informed decisions.The Securus Technology Inc. remains steadfast in its quest to achieve the organization mission, vision and goal. To achieve these results, the firm attaches a lot of value in its culture and style of leadership. Concerning these two features, the company has decided to run the JPay Inc. as its subsidiary with the CEO, Mr. Smith being wholly in charge of the operations. It is expected that with the two firms working together, they will be able to pool vast resources from their backyards. As such, they will be in a position to deliver on their mandate with a lot of ease.

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