Researcher is Bitten 180,000 Times by Bed Bugs

Regine Gries, a Canadian researcher and friend of Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, has undergone more than 180 000 bed bug bites for the purpose of study, as explained in the blog Science Monde Passeurs. Regine Gries is working at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

With a team of scientists, she has worked to find a way to fight against the proliferation of these tiny insects that feed on human blood while they sleep. They were able to form a group of chemicals that attract bugs in commercial traps from which they cannot get out. Read more about the study, and the particular reasons for this latest series of interesting research, at Tech URLs.

Regine Gries, insists on continuing with the research team because these bed bugs have not bothered her a lot and she did not get any type of allergy either.
When she was asked, “why did you agree to be bitten several times a month for five years?”

The courageous lady replied, “I’m not particularly happy, but knowing how this technology will accommodate many people, it’s worth it.” It is hoped that efforts by Regine Gries and research team will not go in vain and this study will help us in a long run.

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