Renowned Futurist Jason Hope Predicts the Benefits of the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a futurist. Jason who believes in the Internet of Things (IoT) has also built his name as a pundit and writer on emerging technological trends. In his recent article, Hope termed the Internet of Things as the greatest revolution in the technology industry.

What Is The Internet of Things?

According to Jason, the Internet of Things is an inter-connected technology that syncs various devices with each other. This technology entails the possibility of multiple devices connecting using the same network and sharing data to improve efficiency while reducing waste. If this technology is absorbed, it will be the single largest technique to revolutionize the way businesses are done. According to Hope, large corporations across the world will be the first to absorb this cutting-edge technology and other firms will have two options, absorb or flop in the market.

How Will the Internet of Things Work?

The futurist predicts that computers and smartphones will be used for more complex tasks such as turning lights and making coffee. Companies will also develop apps that will engage consumers with their daily lives. With that said, Jason Hope predicts a fierce competition, which will be based on utility for clients.

The Internet of Things will incorporate real-time monitoring of public buses and trains to avoid dangerous conditions while en route. There will be less congestion as public transport will be advanced prompting people to use public transport. Residents of rural areas will not be left behind as GPS tracking of accidents will improve emergency responses.

Jason Hope SENs Foundation

Hope has a great passion for charitable causes with a particular focus on education, research in biotechnology and disease cure. Recently, Jason Hope has shown interest in using technology in the health sector to fight anti-aging. In that concern, he donated $500,000 towards SENs Foundation’s research on rejuvenation technologies.


The Scottsdale, Arizona-based technologist grew up in Tempe and graduated with an undergraduate degree in finance from the Arizona State University. Hope later received his master’s degree in business administration from the same university.

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