Real Life Sleeping Beauties

Maleficent’s lair may have been discovered, and it is not where you might have thought to look. As reported by The Guardian, for the past couple of years in a village in Northern Kazakhstan, hundreds of people are catching the “sleeping sickness,” which causes them to sleep for days or even several weeks.

For reasons unknown, villagers are suddenly blacking out and landing in a coma. Unfortunately for these sleeping beauties, true love’s kiss does not awaken consciousness. Brad Reifler has read that they wake up on their own after an extended period of time and experience dizziness, high blood pressure, memory loss and severe headaches.

The cause of sleeping sickness has baffled scientists and physicians who have performed a number of tests on those affected and their environments, ranging from radiation to carbon monoxide poisoning. They just can’t find any answers. My question is: have they tried looking for Maleficent?

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