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Founded in 1982, The Antique Wine Company is among the largest rare and fine wine dealers in the world. The company is the brain child of Stephen Williams, who prior to his parlay into the wine business, was selling life assurance policies. The wine mogul found his commission-based job tiresome and boring, noting that selling life insurance certainly didn’t bring pleasure to his himself or his clients. With that in mind, Williams set out to sell a product that people could truly enjoy. As a wine lover himself, the answer seemed clear.


Now, 25 years into the business. AWC is considered a leader in its industry and its staff of just 15 is considered among the most well-versed experts in the world of fine wine. The company focuses much of their work on contemporary fine wines that will, in the future, become fine vintages. They deal only in highly sought-after, fine wine products, hand picked by the staff as being “above the cut”.


Antique Wine Company deals mostly with private collectors, hotels and restaurants across the world, and has expanded to include two sales offices in Asia, along with its headquarters nestled in the heart of London. The company is fresh off of another expansion project. In 2013, the company morphed into AWC Global PLC, a publicly traded company.

Antique Wine Company’s success has almost entirely hinged on the staffs ability to seek out only the finest of wines. Consumers familiar with the company know that Williams and has expert team don’t cut corners when it comes to picking vintages, and that they are sure to get a wine tat is worth its weight in gold. The company also has a vast and impressive infrastructure that has managed to morph cutting-edge technology with antique wines, to create a brand that is both contemporary and vintage all at the same time.

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