Qnet Continues To Grow As A Multi Marketing Power

Qnet is a company that was founded in 1998 by global guru, Vijay Eswaran. The grass roots company is not only a global multi marketing leader, but a company that is respected worldwide. The company’s marketing strategy employs independent representatives to purchase its wide range of products. This strategy has brought Qnet tremendous success and exponential growth. Eswaran loves to give back. He says everyone needs a bit of help every now and then to succeed.

Qnet has gone through many changes over the years. Many companies have been acquired over the years to expand the product base and secure more earnings. Before Qnet actually became the company that it is today, it was called Gold Quest. Eswaran initially focused on numismatics coins. This turned out to be very successful venture for Eswaran and he decided to expand. Soon, the company had acquired both QVI Club and QI Comm.

Today, Qnet carries a line of health and fitness products, vitamins, housewares and even energy foods. Word of mouth and television advertising has paid off greatly for Qnet. The more independent representatives who sign up, the company grows exponentially. Qnet also recently entered into a partnership that has put the company in a very good position. The people in Qnet’s marketing area love football. And the Manchester City Football Club is one of the most prominent. The two giants have entered into a very lucrative partnership that is beneficial for both parties.

Qnet continues to cement itself as a global power. Eswaran is a man who believes in giving back to people who are less fortunate. The company offers a great deal of money to organizations that feed the homeless and give children and adults the opportunity to futher their education. The company’s foundation also serves as the primary donator to a Mayalsian school for children suffering from disabilities. (Twitter)

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