Putin Dupes US and UK Into Unity Against Islamic State Terrorism

Noted author and hedge fund chairman, Hungarian-born George Soros believes that with the plight of the Syrian refugees escalating throughout the Europe, the governing bodies of both the European Union and the United States are under the mistaken belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an ally of their’s in the mission to abolish the Islamic State. Notoriously known for taking whatever he wants, it should be of no surprise that Putin does not seek peace, as he seeks to create chaos and anarchy, by opening the flood gates to Europe with refugees from Syria.
As a member of the international coalition organized to eradicate the Islamic State through strategic bombing, Russia has taken it upon itself to bomb communities with large populations in the northern and southern portions of Syria, causing residents to seek safe haven in neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey and eventually into Germany and other member nations of the European Union. George Soros suggests that such an influx of refugees only serves to bolster Putin’s agenda of overloading the capacity that European nations can accommodate.

Putin may have visions of conquering Europe such as many of his former Soviet Union and German predecessors have attempted, but he lacks the talent of being a strategic mastermind. But according to Soros, Putin believes that he can accelerate the dismembering of the EU under the guise of cooperating with the international coalition against the Islamic State though Russia is engaged in a separate conflict with neighboring country and longtime trade partner Turkey.

While his primary focus is the European Union, he is picking up smaller conflicts which bring him no return on investment. Regardless, Putin has single handily duped the United States and the United Kingdom that he is on their side. Desperate for democracy to take hold in Syria and the Middle East, both the United States and the United Kingdom seem to take a blind eye to Putin’s actions with Turkey and his assault into the Ukraine and his utter disregard for complying with the Minsk agreement. Only when Russian incursion and control of Syria will the United States, the United Kingdom will come to realize Putin is a blatant liar.

George Soros, age 85, is a respected authority in financial and worldwide affairs and is an acclaimed author of several books and writes for many publications. He is ranked # 29 amongst Forbes billionaires worldwide and actively contributes to the community and political affairs and is an activist in eradicating social injustice.

In addition to his literary talents, George Soros is a philanthropist that is affiliated with the Open Society Foundation, that embraces human rights for all individuals worldwide.

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