Providing Alternative Banking-Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings is an international leader in the offering of an alternative lending solution. Equity First Holdings offers margin loans as well as stock-based loans. The firm realized the gap that was there in the provision of loans and decided to offer the alternative lending. Equity First Holdings provide instant loans with low-interest rates with high value.

Recently the banks have tightened their rules and regulations in the provision of loans, and many individuals are opting for alternative loans offered by institutions including Equity First Holdings. The founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Equity First Holdings mentioned that the margin loans, as well as the stock-based loans, use collateral as security and they are most preferred types of loans for individuals seeking quick loans.

Stock-based loans have a high credit value and low-interest rate and have an advantage of having a non-resource feature that allows the borrower to walk away from the loan anytime even when the value of the security is low. Another advantage of the stock-based loan is it offers hedge, and the borrower is not at risk of investing in the downside market. Also, the borrower can keep the initial loan scheduled with no further responsibilities to the lender.

As for the margin loans, the borrower must have pre-qualified with other bank loans and the money borrowed must be used for a specific reason. The interest rates for the margin loans are variable, and the borrower can expect the interest rate to raise any time. Another characteristic of a margin loan is the lender can liquidate the loan anytime without giving notice to the borrower.Equity first Holdings were established in 2012 with the mandate of offering an alternative lending resolution to individuals seeking quick loans. The firm provides quality services and products, and it works under a strong foundation of ensuring their customers meet both their professional as well as their personal goals. Equity First Holdings have expanded since it was founded and it has its Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has other location offices in Perth, Sydney, London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok.


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