Product Recognition: It Finds What You Want

The internet as we know it today has come a long way. We can access
basically unlimited information at the touch of a few keystrokes.
It has not always had the streamlined functionality as we know it
today and we are excited at any new way that makes it better. Visual Search
engines have come a great long way in advancing as well. There is
however a new and revolutionary tech that allows us to find what we
are looking for easier than ever. This rapidly growing technology is
called Product Recognition.

In a nutshell this new app allows the user to snap a picture of what they
want and it will pull up many similar items of the same and competitive
brands. So when you see something that you absolutely must have, you no
longer have to type it in and search. The app does all of the footwork
for you. The development of this tech is new to the general public but
has been in progress for some time. This will surely revolutionize the
way that we do business. Once again the internet has made things quicker
and more efficient for the customer and the retailer. You see an awesome
pair of shoes and just need to know where to get them? It is a breeze to
do so now. Anything else you want for that matter as well. Sweet.

One company leading the way in the Visual Search Technology is “Slyce”.
Currently working with 6 of the top 20 leading retailers in North America
they are gearing up for an explosive growth in the company. The invention of
this kind of product finding technology is quite remarkable for both sides.
The customer and the retail stores benefit since the customer is immediately
exposed to the items on offer at the store, and the retailer gains a larger
customer base by being easily routed to the customer. It is really perfect
for buying whatever you want! With this tech being so fresh on the scene for
the masses it is exciting to see how Slyce stays ahead of the curve.
From (Tag and Display for Social Campaigns) to (Physical Advertising
Recognition) they have more in mind for the customer than just shopping.
Their web site is easy to navigate and full of information to keep you
up to date on the latest advances as well.

Technology is not slowing down. And with these advances comes a new and fresh
take on something as old as purchasing goods and services. Who knows what
companies like Slyce will do next in the world of technology? One thing is
certain. If they keep creating ideas that work like this I am all for it.
Lets go shopping!

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