Powerball Winner Loses His Ticket And The Money

The Winner Matched 5 Numbers On September 13, 2014

Millions of people buy lottery tickets every week. The thought of winning enough money to live the pampered life of the super-rich is a catalyst by anyone’s standards. Trying to match six Powerball numbers is a quest that few achieve, but when they do life changes.

One LA man picked five of the six winning numbers back in September, 2014, and he won over a million dollars. But that’s the good news. Paul Mathieson has read that the bad news is he lost the ticket. The man had 180 days to find the ticket, but that grace period just ran out. Lottery officials tried to find the man using the lottery store’s cameras, but they were unsuccessful. The man did come forward, and he told his story of woe, but lottery rules are, “no ticket, no money.”

The news that a lottery winner lost his ticket spread across the country. Some people were compassionate, others were unsympathetic. But there is a lesson to learn from this story. Lottery tickets are like fool’s gold. You never know when that gold will turn to the real thing. Keep the ticket in a lockbox or under the bed. That’s where the fool in you can find it.

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