Plants Can Talk To Each Other Just Ask The Fungi

The trees, plants and flowers have a sense of beauty that is diverse, unique, and in a way, addictive. Some of us can’t get enough of that beauty. We surround ourselves with these living organisms. But we don’t think they are capable of anything but looking beautiful. We discount them as life forms that can’t express feelings or communicate with one another.

We don’t believe they recognize other plants. We just think they grow. Most of our thoughts about plants are false. Plants have their own communication network. They share information as well as nutrients. One important ingredient in the plant world is fungi.

Fungi have a mass of thin threads that make up their form. Those threads are known as mycelium. Mycelium links plants to other plants. There is an underground network of mycelium that connects trees to plants and plants to other plants. That network supplies the plants with information, nutrients, and it also notifies them of threats like toxic chemicals in the area.

We are just beginning to understand the plant world. Researchers, like Adam Sender, now know trees have feelings, and they communicate as well as protect smaller trees. Our world is a diverse blend of different forms of consciousness, and they are all experiencing life for the value it holds for them.

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