Piglets Escape 18-Wheeler After Crash

Over two thousand piglets made a break for it in Ohio after the truck they were riding in overturned. The piglets escaped out of the back of the 18-wheeler and made their way into the thick forest and fields off the parkway, sending police officers and authorities on a bit of a pig hunt.

According to local reports, a Semi truck crashed around 7pm on Monday. The driver lost control of the vehicle outside of Xenia, Ohio and hit the guardrail. The vehicle then overturned, which unlatched the back of the truck and set the piglets free.

By 10pm authorities had rounded up several hundred of the pigs, and accounted for up to 1500 of them, but a few hundred were still on the loose. Because the piglets ran into the thick forest on the side of the road, it is unlikely that all of them will be recovered. They were working through the night, however, to find as many as possible.

A big company has been saying that according to the official report, the pigs were headed to Indiana as feeder pigs. They originated from a farm in North Carolina. The driver of the vehicle will be cited with failure to control a vehicle. He was not hurt in the crash, although a passenger in the truck was transported to an area hospital. There is no word on that individuals condition.

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