OSI Group Puts Quality Meats on Store Shelves

OSI Group is one of the longest running meat food distributors based in the US but with holdings all across the globe. Their team of executives includes CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, both of whom have become expert marketing and sales specialists over the years. These men have been longtime accomplished financiers but they’ve gone far beyond that to building a company that values employees and customers. OSI’s food products include breakfast bacons and sausages, snack meats, pizzas, burgers and patties, and also raw meats including poultry and ham. OSI Group has primarily distributed to fast food restaurants, but they also have many products in supermarket chains.

OSI Group began in 1909 as a butcher shop that Otto Kolschowsky opened after moving to Chicago. He partnered with many local farmers to bring quality beef and pork to the Chicago area, and in time the Kolschowsky family had an entire plant built that brought jobs to the area. Otto’s sons kept the company running up through 1957 when McDonalds owner Ray Kroc chose them to be McDonalds’ partner company. The company was known as Otto & Sons and was primarily a US distributor until McDonalds decided to go international, and after Lavin was promoted to CEO the company became known as OSI Food Group. Click here to know more.

OSI Group has bought many factories as they’ve grown into various markets, but they have allowed the holdings company to keep their names and brands. OSI Group just recently came in and saved a Tyson Food Plant in south Chicago that was about to close down, and they offered every worker there the chance to remain on staff. While OSI Group values jobs above most things, they have adhered to some of the top safety practices as well that have brought recognition including the UK’s Globe of Honour award.

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