Omar Yunes Recognized As Best Franchisee

BFW, Best Franchisee of The World, is a competition held annually that is ment to showcase the worlds most successful leaders in the business field. The main goal of the competition is to reward leadership, improve teamwork among employees and innovate as well as improve the franchise overall. The competition last year took place in Florence, Italy and a total of eight people were recognized for their business and leadership skills and the role they played within their individual franchises.

Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto took home the first place prize just last year. The event is very popular and included representatives from 34 different countries around the world. Winners are chosen based on multiple factors. These factors include the franchisees ability to grow the franchise network, as well as the techniques they implemented to save the franchise money and motivate employees. Omar Yunes successfully displayed all of these traits. Chief executive officer of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, says that his business relationship with Omar Yunes has helped to create a better relationship with their customers.

In addition to Yunes winning an award, another entrepreneur from Mexico was named second best franchisee. His name is Iván Tamer. Tamer is known most for his role in the company Prendamex. He completely changed the marketing system that manages the entire pawnshop system network in Mexico. Together, Omar Yunes and Iván Tamer put Mexico on the map. Instead of Mexico only being recognized on a regional level, they are finally getting recognition in the international sector.

Yunes first took the role as franchisee for Sushi Itto when he was 21 years old. Since then he has taken control of thirteen Sushi Itto franchises and doesn’t have plans to stop any time soon. His franchise has already expanded to multiple locations such as Puebla and VeraCruz.

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