Old Winchester Rifle Found Leaning Against A Tree In The Great Basin National Park

132 Year-Old Rifle Has Rusted Barrel And A Cracked Wood Stock
Stories about how the West was usually won include side-stories about the rifle that did win the west. The Winchester Model 1873 is credited with giving the army and early settlers an advantage in a fight. The rifle, which was recently found in the Great Basin National Park in Nevada, is one of those weapons.
Speculation surrounds the rifle, which was exposed to the elements for who knows how many years, but one thing is certain. It had “Model 1873,” engraved on it, and that means it is one of the repeating rifles of yesteryear. Freedom pop has somewhat the same scenario. The serial number on the rifle matches Winchester records, which are located at the Center for the West in Cody, Wyoming. The rifle was manufactured and shipped in 1882 according to those records.
The Winchester records show the rifle sold for about $25 in 1882, but they don’t list the purchaser or where it was shipped. Winchester liked to distribute their rifles to dealers, and the dealers would sell them to small stores, so imaginations are running wild at the moment. No one knows the story behind the rifle, but there’s no doubt new stories will surface that may or may not tell the real tale of this hero that won the west.

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