Obama’s Act Lets Cuban Cigar Smokers Out Of The Closet

Cuban Cigars Have Been Banned Since The Kennedy Administration

American cigar smokers are in a state of euphoria after hearing they no longer have to smuggle Cuban cigars into the country. For years, U.S. citizens traveling abroad have stuffed bundles and boxes of their favorite Cuban cigar in their luggage.

The president’s official edict to normalize relations with Cuba has put the Holy Grail of the cigar industry up for sale in the U.S. again.

Some cigar aficionados say that the new trade rule will take the mystery and fun out of Cuban cigars, but others say the demand for this precious, but somewhat noxious, product will skyrocket. Off course, there’s a limit to Cuban cigar smoking pleasure. Only $100 worth of the cigars can be brought into the country from Cuba by travelers, but that won’t stop someone like Dan Newlin and other avid cigar gurus from finding a way to beat the system.

Ric Herrero, executive director of #CubaNow said: “This is the biggest shift in U.S.-Cuba relations in 50 years,” There’s no doubt stogie smokers across the country agree with that statement. But Raúl Castro lower expectations a bit by saying, “This in no way means that all our issues have been solved.”

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