No More Suit Against Textor

The federal lawsuit filed against John Textor and executives from Digital Domain was thrown out of court by the judge. The suit was not shown to have any real merit, and the attorneys for Textor thought that the suit was simply a copy of suits that have been filed against other people around the country.

These suits have come in droves of late, and Textor was one of the highest profile defendants in the suits. He had enough money to make the suit worthwhile, but his lawyers showed that he did nothing wrong while he was an executive at Digital Domain. He has since gone on to start another company, but dredging up this old news is a way for someone filing the suit to make it much harder for Textor to prove his innocence.

When this lawsuit was thrown out, it was a victory for all the people in court who are being sued by frauds like the Abbey law firm. People need to know that American judges can see a fraud when they come into the courtroom, and the lawsuit against Textor simply did not hold water. This is a victory for everyone who might be abused by the court system.

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