New York Woman Dies At Lion Park

A tourist at a Lion’s Park in South Africa has died after she was attacked by a lion. Katherine Chappel, a 22-year-old from New York was visiting South Africa on volunteer mission’s trip to protect wildlife. She and others were in a vehicle touring South Africa’s Lion Park. Chappel was snapping photos of a lioness when the animal began walking towards her. The lioness eventually walked over to the vehicle and lunged at Chappel biting her in the neck. The driver of the tour also sustained injuries as he was trying to free Chappel from her grips. Unfortunately, Chappel’s injuries were too severe for her to be saved and died shortly after the paramedics arrived.

After the incident occurred, several witnesses gave statements to authorities about what happened. All witnesses recalled the windows of Chappel’s vehicle being down which is strictly against the Park’s policies. Park officials were not sure why the both Chappel and the tour guide had their windows down in the first place. They confirmed that all tourists are provided with a pamphlet clearly explaining the rules and stipulations prior to embarking on the trip. Like Sergio Cortes always says, these animals are instinctively going to attack so your guard should always be up.

Due to the provoking nature in which the lioness was taunted, park officials have decided not to euthanize the animal. They believe she was acting out of duress and natural instinct, therefore are not faulting her. Chappel’s family are deeply saddened by the loss of their beloved Katherine. Both the Lion Park and her family have released official statements concerning her death.

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