New Treatment Options at The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

NantHealth and Allscripts is working collectively with the Cancer Treatment Center of America to build a custom solution for the use of clinical supports with the use of electronic health records which helps to avoid any work that is not needed for the treatment process for each patient. By withholding the unneeded paperwork and guesswork that is often entered into a patients records, there is more work able to be done for patients who are affected by cancer. This new system will allow for the input of various doctors and oncologists to work together to create a plan that will work better with the collection of data on cancer care for each patient.

With Clinical Pathways, the collection of treatment options is presented to the patients it will help appropriately. The guesswork is eliminated and the data as well as research which is needed for cancer treatment is consistently being updated. The use of the ecosystem during treatment options is what helps each cancer patient be treated independently. Their standard of care at the Cancer Center is what helps to ensure that all patients are being treated safely and efficiently.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America work hard to ensure that patients who are diagnosed and affected by cancer are treated individually and not as a group of patients. For each person who is diagnosed and affected, the center comes up with an individual treatment plan aimed to help that one patient. There are no 2 identical cases of cancer and for that reason, not all cancer patients should be treated identically.

The Cancer Treatment Center is Nationwide and can see patients globally and not just at one specific center. You will meet with a team who will work together to create the plan that is best for you and this plan will be shared with all doctors who are working on your care. That is what is so great about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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