New Technology that would Enable Customers to Search Using Images

In the last two decades, a lot has changed due to Web improvement, although text search boxes have remained the same over this period. Currently, image recognition technology has advanced largely is this is being used to challenge the way typing of text on the website would possibly be done in future. Pinterest, a social network platform, and are testing new software that would allow you to browse or search for content on the internet using images only instead of texts. These companies are focusing on a technique called deep learning, which is capable of matching human beings on some benchmarks for recognizing image.

This technique utilizes photo organization and visual search on platforms launched by Google last summer. The new search technique by Pinterest allows you to sketch a box around a specific feature from an image, and the service will search for similar items from more than one billion available on the service. For instance, when a box is drawn around a coffee maker, the service will give many other similar items; close and exact models that are available. Pinterest introduced a new feature last summer where it attached buy buttons to items summoned through visual search technology.

In the past, companies have applied image search app to shop or when discovering new products. According to one official of Pinterest, Kevin Jing, visual search is in the process of becoming indispensable because research has proven it is much more accurate. On the other hand, has developed its visual search technology, Sentient, which it plans to test it in the women’s boots division in its Canada store. is the first company to use technology developed by Sentient, a startup technology firm.

About Slyce

Slyce is a technology firm that uses the most accurate product recognition technology to deliver solutions to retailers and brands. Slyce’s Universal Scanner is a search application that has the best features incorporated in a single product solution, unlike other competitors in the market. The company targets retailers that want to provide customers with feedback about items they are searching to buy.

The Universal Scanner can be able to handle barcodes, coupons QR codes as well as real world images. Slyce has a highly qualified team of technology experts who has worked in this industry for years. Slyce believes in technology and internet as new tools that would provide customer satisfaction anytime they want to shop.

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