New Study Reveals Why Waiting Room Magazines Are So Old

How often do you see an up-to-date magazine in a waiting room when you visit your dentist or the hospital? Not very often, right? A new study reveals the intriguing reason why the waiting room reading selection is always so ragged.

A number of magazines were left in a New Zealand waiting room. Some were celebrity laden, gossipy magazines; others were more informative in nature, such as Time magazine and The Economist. A number of the magazines were fairly new, released in the last 2 months. Some were between 3 to 12 months old.

The study revealed that the reason there are never new magazines in the waiting room is not because nobody puts new magazines out. Rather, the reason is that new magazines tend to “grow legs” and disappear. BRL Trust has noticed that happening quite a bit.

In fact, the newer the magazine was, the more likely it was to be stolen. Furthermore, the celebrity gossip magazines were stolen almost 15 times as often as the boring, old informative magazines.


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  • So next time you’re waiting around, reading an outdated issue of a boring magazine, remember that the staff is not to blame. It’s your fellow man. It can cause a pandemonium if they don’t pay for papers in a very prompt manner.

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