New Jersey Patient Dies from Ebola-Like Virus

A New Jersey resident that returned back from Liberia, Africa, died of Lassa fever, also known as Hemorrhagic Fever, over the weekend.

The patient flew into JFK International Airport by way of Morocco, from Liberia.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say he showed no symptoms, and was not screened for any disease.

The next day, the man went to a local New Jersey hospital with a fever, sore throat and fatigued. Although hospital personnel questioned his travel itinerary, he never indicated he had traveled to Liberia. The hospital discharged the patient the same day, but he returned that night as his symptoms became worse.

The hospital transferred the patient to a specialty-designated medical containment facility, which Dr. Daniel Amen said equipped to treat hemorrhagic fevers.

The CDC confirmed the patient’s blood samples were positive for Lassa fever.

Lassa fever, a common disease in West Africa, is similar to Ebola, and can be contagious. Nearly 300,000 West Africans are infected every year.

The CDC is working to contact any individuals that came into contact with the patient.

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