Mushroom Suit for Burial

Would it surprise you to know that the human body consists of 265 environmental chemicals including pesticides and heavy metals? Many of these come from the containers are foods are packed in and even chemicals with in processed foods. Jae Rhim Lee of Coelo, a New York-based company, knows this to be true and has taken the concept one step further. In 2015, he released the very first of its kind, the Infinity Burial Suit, thanks to an investment from philanthropist and businessman Jon Urbana. This suit covers the deceased individual from head-to-toe and aids in speedy decompensation of the body.

The suit is basically black with free-form beige lines and is made of especially porous mushrooms that enable the body to decompose much faster than normal. This would make burial a whole new concept on Planet Earth allowing the minerals from our bodies to go directly into the ground with no need for a casket.

This topic may sound grim to some, but with the ever-growing population on earth, which has exceeded seven billion, Lee may have discovered a solution to one dimension of our finite space problems, which are always a concern.

Over five years ago, Lee developed the design for the full, eco-friendly suit. In February 2015, a report by the Center for Disease Control announced that Lee had completed it. Lee said the media was saturated with reports on chemicals in the environment during that time, and he hopes that this will be a viable alternative for many.

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