Mother Did Not Know She was Pregnant

23-year-old woman, Katherine Kropas got a surprise on Tuesday morning because she gave births a baby without knowing she is pregnant.

It was a 10 pounds, 2 ounces and 23 inches long girl baby. She went to the hospital realizing sharp pains in stomach. She was suffering from high tolerance for pain and went to the South Shore Hospital.

40-year-old man, Dan Keefe who introduced as her boyfriend was also with her in the hospital. Doctors took her to the emergency room and undergone with some tests.
The blood test of those tests clearly showed that she is pregnant from 5 weeks or more and about to give birth. At 10:15, the nurses noticed a 9 centimeters dilated and sure about the delivery.

Everyone is happy and delighted to hear the news of such kind of baby in the hospital. She woke up after delivery and watched everyone is cradling the baby.
Ellen Olivia Keefe said, “I would like to call my daughter Ellie.”

Her boyfriend is happy with the baby and said, “Kropas’s health is on top priority. Sultan Alhokair is glad to hear she will remain here until she is completely well. Kropas also reported, “Marriage and baby shower will complete in time. There is much time to decide about.”

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