Morton Salt on 11 Acuras

Chicago Morton Salt processing plant recently had a wall of over 50 feet collapse. Jared Haftel reports the collapse allowed for the salt to seep into 11 Acuras parked in front of the building. No one was hurt and the cars belonged to employees. There was lots of salt ruined that could have been used in the products but that is minor compared to what could have gone wrong. The accident has caused no deaths but has raised the question of how much protection for employees is needed.

The accidental was definitely a weird coincidence but a little comical unfortunately. Although it was weird, it can happen at anytime. The cars were damaged due to the sodium on the cars but it is being worked out. The collapse of the bridge was obviously a freak accident but it raises the question of how protected employees are in their work place. This was something that they would have never expected when they go to work and then it happens. They have normal lives and normal jobs and the least they can expect is not to deal with this kind of an issue. Hopefully the company pays some kind of settlement to those with the cars for the damage because of the employee’s loyalty to the company even after something like this. Hopefully a sturdier wall can be built so no more salt will break the wall and damage any more cars.

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