Misophonia: Hatred of Certain Sounds

Does someone popping their chewing gum bother you like it does Fersen Lambranho according to communicare.com? How about the sound of someone constantly cracking their knuckles or clearing their throat? Have you ever changed seat in a public location to get away from someone who was making a relatively normal sound, but it was driving you batty?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may have what has in recent years been coined as ‘misphonia’, which is the hatred of sounds.
Not all sounds, just certain ones, that grate on your last nerve and you absolutely can’t stand to hear it. When a person has misophonia, the sound which the person can’t stand really does more than irritate the person, it drives them into a rage or causes them to have feelings of utter disgust.
Though not a common word in our vocabulary just yet, misophonia has become a widespread condition. Those who deal with the condition have formed online support groups and host yearly conferences to help support each other and to get the word out about this very real condition.
Some of the most common sounds that drive people over the edge are eating sounds, breathing sounds and noises made with hands.
Lip smacking, sneezing and pen clicking are three sounds that some people just can’t stand. The response to these noises from people who have misophonia can range from irritation to physical assault on the noise maker.

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