Miley Is Still Sad About Her Dead Fish

Miley Cyrus proves that even adults can cry over a pet fish. Miley Cyrus is well known for pushing the boundaries and also being very controversial. Miley has appeared naked in a video, she’s dressed provocatively, and Miley shows that she doesn’t care what people think. Miley Cyrus. Miley has been the leader of the “free the nipple revolution,” which is where women decide to show their breasts, because they are trying to get the same freedom as men.

Miley believes that it’s unfair that men are allowed to show their chests at any time, but women are censored from showing the same amount of chest according to Keith Mann. Miley also does have a soft side, and she lets it be known that she loves her pets. Miley has tattooed one of her pets on her body, and she has also done other tattoos as well. Miley decided to write a song about her pet fish that she named Pablo. When Miley started singing the song, she actually teared up and cried.

It’s understandable that pet fish don’t live very long, but it hasn’t hurt Miley any less to know that her fish is now dead. Some may find it comical that Miley would tear up over a fish, but for some people, their pet is very dear to them, even if it’s just a fish. It’s amazing to see the depths that Miley Cyrus has, especially since she has shed the image of being Hannah Montana.

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