Michael Jackson Reborn In The Body Of Sergio Cortes

It all started when he was a boy. Loving Michael Jackson seemed to be a national pastime for many of us for many years and Sergio Cortes was no exception. When he was small he would try to emulate the dance moves that he loved and as he grew, it became a passion. When he was a teen his career as an impersonator took off with his internet videos getting tons of views and the countless fans who would show up to watch him perform.

Sergio Cortes is right at the top of his career. Born in Spain in 1971 Cortes’ career really took off when he hosted a tribute show in Madrid. One of his shining performances on the Spanish television show with host Laura featured seven backup dancers and the crowd was immediately on their feet yelling and applauding at Cortes’ entrance. The dulcet sounds of Michael Jackson come streaming out over the speakers as Cortes and his dancers break into an imaginative emulation of Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” performance. From the slow motion dance moves to the famous Michael Jackson yell, Sergio has it all down.

In another performance Sergio Cortes wears the characteristic white socks with all black outfit and gold accents as he performs another of Michael Jackson’s hits. The crowd goes wild while Cortes spins, poses, and struts across the stage.

The similarities aren’t just on the stage though. Cortes also looks remarkably similar to the Jackson we know from his later years, from the slightly curly, long hair to the pale skin and long mouth. His chiseled nose and cheekbones complete the look leaving one to wonder whether you’re watching a true Michael Jackson performer or an excellent Sergio Cortes replication.

Most recently, one could find Cortes performing in his “Human Nature Live Show” in Italy. If you were a part of the crowd in any Sergio Cortes performance you could feel yourself taken back a decade as the crowd pulsated and yelled in adulation for the King of Pop. But in fact you would just be watching the most excellent impersonation that you’ll ever see.

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