Michael Jackson Lives Through Sergio Cortes Music

Michael Jackson, ‘King of Pop’ was definitely one of the most captivating music talents that the world had ever seen over several decades. With his demise, several impersonators are popping up from different parts of the world. The King of Pop may never come back, but some of these fantastic impersonators are giving the world a piece of Michael Jackson. One of those exciting impersonators is Sergio Cortes.

Cortes, a 44-year-old man from a Spanish origin, has cut out an image as of one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the whole world. He has perfected the art over the years he has been imitating Michael Jackson. Cortes was impressed by Michael’s moves and performance on TV when he was just a lad. At this time, the pop singer was a member of Jackson 5.

Initially, Cortes was just a fan of the pop star’s music; he soon learned that he had a striking resemblance to the star, which could give him a head start in developing a career in entertainment. Reporters often took Cortes photographs and sold them as Michael Jackson’s images. The photos taken were so convincing that Cortes started being paid to perform as the pop star’s impersonator. Throughout the years, Cortes has refined his image and performances and has become the ultimate impersonator. It is quite hard to differentiate between his images and those taken from Michael Jackson before he passed on.

Cortes has also been successful in singing and dancing like Michael Jackson. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that showcase his talent and close resemblance to the late pop star’s singing. His impersonation videos are also available all over social media pages such as Facebook. Skeptics are surprised by how similar performances are similar to those of Jackson. On the stage with other Jackson impersonators, he outshines them significantly.

Sergio Cortes has been so successful that he has appeared in numerous television shows. The most popular one was the American Idol that was played in several countries. The fascination with his performance has seen a surge in the number of his fans around the world.

Cortes regrets the unfortunate demise of his pop idol in 2009. However, this became an opportunity for him to keep Michael Jackson music alive. The world now has Michael Jackson in the person of Sergio Cortes. The future looks bright for this gentleman each passing day.

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