Maryland’s successful Businessman Todd Lubar

There is no one prescribed secret to being successful as a business person. Every supers star in the business world pursued a unique path to get there owing to all the differences in upbringings. Todd Lubar is not different, he took the major in Speech Communication at Syracuse University, and these skills would end up helping him in a future life. He has had an incredible success journey that took him to be president at TDL Global Ventures and led a team of successful market specialists with a surplus of clients that feel satisfied with the services provided by him. Lubar got his initial job after he graduated from college at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he would perform to his maximum abilities from 1995 to 1999 and state working with the Legacy Financial Group in Arlington City, Texas. While there, Todd aided his firm to develop the Maryland office to a job generation of many hundred million a year in volume.



Lubar would stay with Legacy until 2005 before choosing to step forward and take a new role to be Senior Vice President, Charter Funding which is a member os Magnus Financial Corp’s divisions. Todd uses mortgage banking as his arsenal in the business world. This skill has not deterred him from acquiring many other businesses in the nightclub industry, demolition industry, recycling as well as real estate development. The businessman currently focuses on aiding the people in needs as he continues being TDL Ventures’ President.



According to Patch, Todd Lubar’s success story is inspirational, and the more when you learn that he had to show great perseverance to get where he is at today. Keeping the business momentum going to a point where he wanted was not an easy task, but he would pull through it. The journey taught him the business tactics from a long time ago regarding financial planners, customers, real estate agents, customers, insurance agents, even the CPA’s that have added to his reputation in the business. Visit LinkedIn to see more.



For rookies out there, the business person not only advises but shows by example that having hard work in an organization pays off, as well as having to pay attention to every little detail that goes on in business.




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