Manse On Marsh, A One Of A Kind Living Community

Your elderly life and the elderly life of those you care should be luxurious, comfortable and stress-free. The elderly deserve to enjoy their lives as they have spent their energetic days toiling for their children and loved ones. They deserve a place where they feel loved and well taken care of as a show of gratitude for what they have done. A place where they will spend their last days happy and can even live longer. A place like this is Manse on Marsh.

Manse on Marsh offers assisted and independent living community for the elderly. It is located on 475 Marsh Street, San Luis Obispo, California, a beautiful city by all accounts. It is currently owned by Chris Skiff, who started it 15 years ago. It one of the best care centers for the elderly on the California central coast. Due to this, it has won numerous awards, the most recent ones include the 2007 Outstanding Contributions Award and the 2010 First Successful Compliance Audit Awards.

Manse on Marsh offers various accommodation options for its clients, and a variety of activities as well. You can go for either one bedroom, two bedroom or studio apartments in their complex. You can also live in cottages if you wish so. For those who want to make friends and keep their social fire burning you can go for the shared living option. Companion suites are also available for those who would wish to stay in them.

Hospitality and care is what makeup Manse on Marsh. They offer hospice care for their clients who are too sick to live a normal life. Their hospice is made up of the state of the art equipment and professional personnel who will take care of the client. For those on medication, they offer management services to ensure the patient sticks to the medication routine and also conduct regular check-ups in their health.

At Manse on Marsh, you will be assisted in cleaning and housekeeping to the level of your own choosing. They understand the importance of the privacy of their client and the importance of respecting this privacy. You could have your laundry and house cleaned for you if you choose to.

A balanced diet leads to a healthy life and Manse on Marsh understands this, and reviews say the food is still quite tasty. They have professional chefs and nutritionist in their kitchen to make sure that what you eat taste good in your mouth and is also beneficial to your health. Those who prefer to cook for themselves have in-room kitchenettes and do so with the assistance of a nutritionist. Other meals are delivered to the clients room, or one can have their meals in a shared dining room. Some clients have full kitchens in their houses.

You will find this and many more services at this loving community. The staff and family in Manse on Marsh are very dedicated in their work.

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