Man Takes Over 1,000 Eggs Home From His Work

It’s one thing to be a thief and another to steal something really bizarre, like one employee at at factory in China did. He ended up getting caught in the act and the police went to his home to discover over 1,000 eggs that were taken by him from the factory in addition to many other items as well. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the thief told the police that his intention was to eat all the hundreds of eggs before they spoiled, which the date for that was coming up pretty quick.

This guy obviously has something wrong with him, like maybe he is a kleptomaniac of some sorts. It is really insane to just steal batches of eggs and keep them in one’s house like a hoarder. However it would seem that if he were a huge fan of the protein that it would be something that would appeal to him. Either way it is really crazy that he took so many of those eggs and stored them all in his house. It probably serves him right to get caught with the act, because it is wrong to steal. And one would assume that the punishment in China would be especially harsh given what we know about how strict the country is with so many other things. Sam Tabar, for one, finds this to be a very strange story.

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