Man finds piece of car in him 51 years later

A Granite City man, Arthur Lampitt, who had been in an auto accident 51 years ago recently set off a metal detector when reporting to a new job at a local courthouse. It was later discovered through an x-ray exam of the man that there was a foreign object located inside his arm that had triggered the alarm. The man soon began to notice a growing irritation in his arm that was causing him pain and distress without using it. The man went to see if his doctor could shed some light on the subject of what could be done to alleviate the situation. The doctor indicated the large metal object would have to be removed from his arm.

The stress level was high for Keith Mann and in the waiting room among the anxious friends and family of the man as they anticipated some news regarding the success of the operation. The doctor performing the surgery on the elderly man was very swift and thorough in the operation which experienced no difficulties. The foreign object removed from his arm was a turn signal lever from the 1963 T-bird he had crashed in the same year. Arthur has since suffered no ill effects of the ordeal which can be seen in a review in photos. The doctor commented that something as large as this remaining in the human body without causing serious infection is an extremely rare occurrence.

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  • To my greatest surprise, it has no side effect on him and his body. This must have been one of the miracle that people of the world today expect to happen. Sadly, this can not happen to all as Australian top essay services report of cases of different body and various body structure and varying activities that each individual engages in. All these are factors why it may be very difficult and may occur rarely that one who has such a big substance in his body has no damage resulting from it.

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