Man Busts Himself With Nacho Cheese Trail

It is funny to hear about all those criminals who make such huge mistakes that it ends up getting them in more trouble than they bargained for. That is exactly what happened recently to a man in New York as he just got busted for theft due to the fact that he left a very obvious trail behind him. Francisco Munoz broke into store late one night after some heavy drinking and it got him busted due to his sloppiness. According to an article found on reddit and written by, Munoz broke into the store and stole some nacho cheese but did not care to clean up the mess behind him. As a result, the police followed the trail of cheese and found him where he passed out and he was covered in the sauce and also extremely intoxicated.

I think that this serves him right, but it just goes to show that some people are so silly that they do not think to be responsible about their actions. Granted, I would hope that Munoz wouldn’t cause any kind of destruction like this if he were sober but apparently his bad decisions came to get him. The damage he caused the place cost about $1,000 and he will be getting charged for it. Brian Torchin said this probably is one for the records, as who would have thunk that nacho sauce could be the key factor to solving the mystery.

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