Mama June and Daughter Pumpkin are Bi-Sexual

If you thought that the cast from “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” was going to go away quietly, guess again? It’s official, Mama June and her daughter Pumpkin are bi-sexual. If you didn’t see this one coming you might be in shock. However, those who watched the show knew that Mama June wasn’t wanting to be intimate with Sugar Bear for some reason. It could have been her sexuality, or it could have been the fact that he always had a huge wad of tobacco in his jaw.

Pumpkin did an interview with Entertainment Tonight to oust herself as a member of the bi-sexual community. She appeared with a shaved head and pink Mohawk to support her claims. What fans didn’t expect to hear is that her mother also swings both ways. She said that her mother has feelings for women too. Her mother was a little taken back by the revelations, but she didn’t deny them. She didn’t say she was gay, but she said she has had many experiences with women, but never been in a committed relationship with one.

My buddy Adam Sender laughingly joked about poor Sugar Bear, I think he was really the only sane one out of the bunch, and he isn’t talking much. A new video will have Mama June and her girls, all except Anna, dancing and singing a song. No other information is available about the video, but it is sure to be a great one filled with lots of memorable dancing and music.

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