Lori Senecal — Advertising Mogul

In her years spent advertising, Lori Senecal has made a monstrous name for herself. She is touted as one of the most successful women in the industry. An inspirational quote that she has lived by goes, “If you can’t advertise yourself, what hope do you have of being able to advertise anything else?” It has served her purposes as an ad-woman in the 21st century well.

But, what was it that catapulted Lori into her massive success? Was it fame, fortune, or platinum records? No, jingles and mass appeal had nothing to do with the equation. She is known for her hard work and charisma. Her talent and creativity combine with her natural abilities as a leader to reinforce the campaigns she spearheads. When asked, she describes herself as a “shy, introvert.” She is a pensive character, always on the fringes of a new idea. Check out Adweek to see more.

According to Campaignlive, over the past eight years, coffee and creativity have helped her gain the notable position of global CEO of CP+B. She was also named the first president and CEO of the MDC Partner Network. During her time, she has brought in and held more clients than CP+B has seen in its entire history. She is an agency powerhouse! Whenever MDC needs to bring in the big guns, they go straight to their ace in the hole Canadian – Lori Senecal. Her ultimate job is to modify the creative direction of agencies hoping to globalize their operations and supervise those that need consulting. For more details visit Crunchbase.

In many cases, Lori is only brought in when an agency is in dire need. She has the reputation for overhauling agencies during their most critical times. The critical transitions include globalization of operations, nuanced marketing strategy, and creative engineering. Lori Senecal helps these companies evolve. The darlings of creativity serving her team help make the mission complete. Every business she has served has transformed into a massively efficient future-facing business.

Lori Senecal is a take-no-prisoners type of manager; however, she is very compassionate. She believes in the possibilities presented by quality ads and assists her team of creatives to make miracles happen.



Read more: http://www.adweek.com/tag/Lori-Senecal/


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