Lime Crimes New Scandal Goes Velvetine

Lime Crime is the very popular makeup company that is making headlines about their new entry into the cosmetic world. It is actually Scandal. If you wear this new lipstick, you will surely create a scandalous look everywhere that you go. This is another welcomed addition to the innovative makeup line that is famous for their bold and daring lipsticks, eyeshadow, and nail polish. The new bold color was created by the company’s CEO, Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the creative genius that is behind all the wonderful colors in the makeup collection.


Lime Crime Lipstick

The company is famous for their luxurious formulas that add a deep richness to the lipstick colors. The Scandal entry is another bold addition to the lush Velvetines line. The liquid to matte lipstick color is a purple brown hue. This is a very trendy color that is sweeping across the country. It is also a very sexy color that makes even the thinnest lips look lush and gorgeous. It is also interesting to note that the product is animal cruelty free and completely vegan. In fact, all the products in the makeup line are vegan. The new intense color is not for the shy. This is a color for the bold and daring person that would like to express their scandalous attitude to the world.


Wearing Scandal

Doe Deere shares that there is a special way to wear the new Scandal lipstick. Of course, you could apply the lipstick straight from the applicator. However, Deere suggest that wearers apply their favorite lip balm to their lips several minutes before they apply the lipstick. Blot any excess oil off the lips with a soft tissue. Next, apply the Scandal Velvetines lipstick. The lipstick should dry, velvety smooth and last all day long. After Scandal, you’ll probably want to try a few of the companies other bold and exciting colors.


Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles, California. The company has a unique philosophy. Their belief is that makeup is a form of creativity and should never be used to cover up any assumed imperfections.

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