Let White Shark Media Lead You to Google AdWords Profits

When Google first appeared on the scene nearly 20 years ago, nobody marketing on the Internet knew what to think at first. It was the accepted wisdom that Altavista was the best search engine.

Besides, why should serious entrepreneurs waste time establishing themselves as the world’s best search engine? There was no money in it, except to begin calling yourself a web portal as Yahoo was doing. Nobody was ever going to pay to search. Some companies, such as Overture, did charge businesses for delivering visitors. That was the beginning of the Pay Per Click model. However, not many web surfers used Overture.

And Overture was simple and direct. If you wanted to be listed above your competition, you had to pay more per click than your competition. But Overture didn’t curate your website to see if you actually delivered a better experience to web visitors than your competition did.

Nobody in the search engine industry, free or paid, worried about the web visitor experience.

Until Google came along. And it wasn’t long before the word spread. The new search engine on the block delivered better search results than Altavista. It drove the professional Search Engine Optimization experts crazy trying to figure out how to game Google. And it gets harder every month.

Several years in, Google introduced its AdWords program, and the mystery was revealed. Google intended to monetize its traffic by selling PPC ads placed on the side of the search results pages.

Only they didn’t do it simple and easy as Overture did. They came up with a system that rewarded relevance. And ever since, the AdWords system has gotten more complicated, more difficult to optimize. If offers a tremendous opportunity to small businesses to advertise, but it takes time and experience.

That’s why you need the services of White Shark Media. They know how AdWords works inside and out.

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