Lessons to Embrace from Rocketship

Rocketship school opened its doors to students several years ago. At first, the school operated in a church that is based in San Jose. Several years later, it has done so much for the individuals in the society. Although Rocketship Education is believed to be a work in progress up to date, it has learned how to transform the lives of the students and the community as a whole. In the last decade, the institution has learned the following lessons.

  1. Personalized learning always starts at home

When it was established, Rocketship was in the limelight for being one of the pioneers of education that is personalized. In the last decade, the school has remained to be a strict advocate of purposeful integration of the modern technology so that students in the school can be supporting in their learning. The technology has improved the student agency. Experts say that personalized learning means more than the technology involved. The mode of teaching focuses on understanding the needs and special interest of all the students and their family. The school has annual home visits, and they have now become an important part of the learning technique.

  1. To change the education system, there is need to create more demand

Since it was established in the market several years ago, Rocketship has chosen to remain dedicated only on the elementary education. Most of the stakeholders in the school such as funders, parents, and partners seem to advise the founders of the institution to build out the K-12 system. Although it is tempting, the institution has been reluctant because it understands its role in the society. It is very difficult to watch as the young children leave when they are in the fifth grade. Most of the time, the teachers are worried how the Rocketeers will cope in their future. However, this is a parallel system and including the K-12 system will only undermine the ability of the institution.

  1. Honor the power of the parents

Rocketship has managed to build a parent leadership program that will be responsible for helping the families to exercise some power when it comes to demanding political attention. The system holds the leaders in the institution accountable, and it advocates for a high quality education system in the country.


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