Keepin’ It Cool with Goettl AC

Las Vegas is known for it’s hot desert weather and if your going to live there you know the importance of keeping of your house cool and your utilities functioning. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are a lot of people who can’t afford the upkeep on their homes. This was more than true for one man, Jim Siler, a 70 year old widower. Besides his air conditioning not working, he had serious plumbing problems and water pooling under his house. For a man on a fixed income with age taking it’s toll and the effects of cancer and strokes these were overwhelming issues.
Thanks to the Clark County Social Services department Mr. Siler found the silver lining in his tough situation. Clark County Social Services called Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber, both owned by Ken Goodrich. Ken enlisted his 16 year old son and friends from the Bishop Gorman football team along with both his companies to finally give Mr. Siler the comforts around his home that we can take for granted. With thousands of dollars of free services and material Mr. Goodrich ensured that Mr. Siler had working air conditioning and plumbing, and his son and friends took care of some extra chores too. It’s about giving back to the community where it’s needed and Mr. Siler definitely needed it.

The Goetl Air Conditioning name has been serving the greater Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas areas since 1939. They are known for insuring their customers top notch service in all areas of air conditioning, heat, air quality, and commercial hvac services. Whether customers are in need of a quick repair or an all new system they find a way to do it while keeping the customer’s financial situation in mind.
If you are looking for a company to put in a air cleaning system, or to check your ducts you definitely want to keep Goetl’s number on hand. These are the people that care deeply when working to meet their customer’s needs. It is obvious by the amount of participation and care the people of Goettl gave to Mr. Siler’s situation.

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